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1. Q: Do I need a prescription?

2. Q: Is there a limit on how much I can buy?

3. Q: Why your prescription prices are low?


4. Q: what is the chrge for shipping?

5. Q: Are the Canadian drugs same quality as in the U.S.?

6. Q: How are my drugs shipped and how soon I can receive them?

7. Q: Will you accept any kind of insurance plan?

8. Q: Do you sell every prescription product?

9. Q: Why do some medications have different names in Canada?

10. Q: What happens if my shipment never arrives?

11. Q: How do I pay for my order?

12. Q: Can I transfer a prescription from a local pharmacy in the U.S.?

13. Q: Why do I need to order a supply for 90 days?

14. Q: What if you don't have an item for my order in stock?

15. Q: What if I don't see a certain medication in your price list, does that mean its not available?


Yes, Before placing an order, you must have a valid prescription issued by Licensed  physician.


2.A: Yes, you may purchase only as much as your physician Prescribes for you and not more than 3 months supply.


3.A: The Canadian government utilizes price control on Pharmaceutical's and caps subsequent price increases. The strong U.S. dollar compared to the Canadian dollar.


4.A: Our shipping fee is $15.95 U.S. per parcel, per household to United States and $34.95 U.S. to most other countries.  


5.A: Yes, many of the drugs sold in Canada are the same as the U.S. even though they may be marketed under a different name. Canada has set very high standard for the pharmaceutical industry as in the U.S. that all medication Generic or Brand names are safe and effective. 


6.A: Your order is shipped by express mail and will be received with in 15 working days.


7.A: Unfortunately no. Since insurance plans are typically set up to work within the country of origin. You will receive along with your order, a receipt itemizing the cost of each medication and shipping for your insurance company to review.


8.A: We do not sell any habit forming or narcotic medications, or controled drugs also not all products that are available in the U.S. are available in Canada. 


9.A: These are trade or brand names registered by the manufacturer. In different countries manufacturers will often use different trade names. The medications have the same active ingredients but may look different and have different trade names.


10.A: If a shipment does not arrive with in 30 days, we will either fully refund customer payment or we will reship the order.


11.A: We prefer to receive your payment by VISA, MASTERCARD,
AMERICAN-EXPRESS, DISCOVER, DINNERS CLUB or Debit card we also accept money order but it may delay your shipment. 


12.A: Unfortunately your prescription can not be transferred to pharmacy in Canada.


13.A: The price of a prescription contains a built in dispensing fee that is the same amount for 30 day or 90 day supply therefore you save the difference when you buy larger quantities.


14.A: If an item you ordered is temporary out of stock it will be back ordered automatically. We will contact you and confirm the rest of the order.


15.A: No. if you don't see the medication you need to please contact us.